Making Ciba(Sticky Rice Cake)  


The Ciba(a kind of sticky rice cake) symbolizes reunion and good luck in the new year. Langshan local people make Ciba before every China lunar new year.


Making Ciba is a collective activity which requires many people to cooperate. Normally a big family or several families combine to make Ciba together. The Ciba is round(in Chinese round is 圆), meaning reunion. So making Ciba itself represents reunion because all members of family come together, a lot of fun and happiness! 


Celebrating Gutang  

Celebrating Gutang is an old tradition of Yao ethnic group. Each year after harvest, the fathers and mothers miss their daughters who married far away.


The Yao village will send people to welcome their daughters back and hold grand feast to celebrating the harvest.


Dong-Drum Dancing  


Dong-Drum Dancing is a quite old tradition in Yao ethnic group village. People play drum, suola and dance.