Danxia Declaration

We, the 154 participants from 14 countries,in the First International Symposium on Danxia Landform held in Shaoguan City and Danxiashan Geopark,Guangdong Province, P.R. China, from 26th to 28th May,2009,  with the support of the International Union of Geological Sciences(IUGS), International Association of Geomorphologists(IAG), the Geological Society of China, the Geographical Society of China, Sun Yat-sen University, and the Danxia Landform and Tourism Development Research Society of China.


Recognising That:
* Danxia continental red beds landscapes are widespread in China;
* The China Danxia is comparable to continental red bed landscapes 

* Danxia landscapes have been studied by Chinese scientists for more

   than 80 years and have global scientific research importance;
* Danxia landscapes exhibit outstanding natural beauty, aesthetic   

   importance, and great tourists interst and value;
* Danxia landscapes have high natural heritage values within China 

   and throughout the world;
* The China Danxia has come to represent harmony between nature

   and people;
* We recognize that China Danxia is worthy of World Natural Heritage



Strongly Recommend:
* Increasing global recognition and understanding of Danxia;
* Strengthening the international scientific cooperation in the study of * Danxia and similar landscapes, including projects within the

   International Geosciences Programme(IGCP);
* Encouragement of international exchanges and collaboration among

   scientists across a range of disciplines related to Danxia;
* Fostering of relationships between scientist and managers of Danxia

* Extending protection of the heritage values of Danxia landscapes

   both within China and globally;

* Furhtering the conservation management of Danxia landscapes and

   their recoginition in interantional conventions,including the World

   Heritage Convention and the UNESCO Geoparks initiative.


Representatives of First International Symposium of Danxia Landform